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Hey all,I'm looking into the lag issue with reapplying Frozen Wrath. I'll let you know as soon as I have any news. It looks like I'm going to have to pull other people in to look at it though so I'm not sure what sort of time frame there is going to be.I've updated Subtlety so it should be affected by the duration increasing PAs now. I also have a change in that should stop Frozen Wrath from landing on targets that the caster already has Frozen Wrath on when it is spread by Strike of the Maelstrom. I also have a fix going in for Lightning Hammer proccing Fae Mimicry.
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1) Overflowing Renewal. When I cast it on druid's pet, overhealing is not spread to anybody.2) Justicar's Salvation. It is not considered in battleground healing results. I played one battleground in 10 justicar / 8 inquisitor build, did lot of healing by Salvation (according combat log), but in battleground results my total healing was zero.
I'll have to look into both of these further. A quick look at them didn't turn up anything that looked like it would cause either of these issues.
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