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Hey everyone. Yesterday, Daglar and I were talking about the pre-Storm Legion expert dungeons. Most of this conversation revolved around how much use any of them would see in a level 60 world. Our shared opinion was "Not Much". The topic then became if we were to take one of these and upgrade it into a level 60 expert with new awesome loot, which one would it be? However, it struck me that with a choice like this, why should we get all the fun in deciding which dungeon gets the love when it should be you, our customers, that decide. So, here I am posing the question to you guys! Which of the pre-SL dungeons would you like to see upgraded to a level 60 expert difficulty version complete with new mechanics and brand new, super sweet loot?
  • Realm of the Fae
  • Iron Tomb
  • Darkening Deeps
  • Deepstrike Mines
  • Foul Cascade
  • King's Breach
  • Runic Descent
  • Fall of Lantern Hook
  • Charmer's Caldera
  • Abyssal Precipice
Hit the link below to let us know your opinion! http://strawpoll.me/316499Did I mention that it gets new loot?
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