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I have several characters on NA server and one on EU server. My default settings is NA. Today I started Rift launcher and I let it to update the game. Then I checked server status on web and when all NA servers was down I restarted launcher, changed settings to EU and I saw update button again. Weird, but when I clicked on it than there was a message that EU region had not been updated yet so if I would like to play there, I should re-download full game.Why there was the update button then, when I have already updated my client side? Those updates are different? It's confusing for me.
When you first updated the North America client, you downloaded today's Hotfix. The EU Shards/Client will not receive this update until 6:00PM Pacific (1AM GMT) - until that time the versions will not match, and you would need to re-download the full client to jump between them.This is only ever an issue on Wednesday or whichever day a scheduled Hotfix occurs and we're between updating NA & EU.Hope that makes sense - cheers
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