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Jumped in and took a quick look and added an additional place to reset this event after using the displacer. The change I made didn't make it in for the next update, but it should be in the following update (scheduled for next week).The next update (scheduled for tomorrow) should restart the event and make the quest completable again for those servers where this quest is currently non functional.We're going to keep an eye on this quest. Please don't forget to send a bug report if it breaks again in the future. If you happen to know how to break it feel free to PM me (or Tacticus) with what you did to break it.
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yeah it's still broken, seem they're just doing summerfest now!Quest: Thwarting the Emberlord- Talking to the NPC: Adriana Weaver - "I'll see you inside" does not start the event!- Touching the orb inside just updates the quest progress for the "Power down the Ethian Displacer" and teleports to the top!- Abandon and restart Quest does not reset the event!- and Story quest's should really work!- GM took almost 4 days to suggest Abandon & Restart Quest, tried at least 12 times now!
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