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We really need a section where people can post events - a la how it's done in guildrecruitment with the tags, but every time the idea comes up there doesn't really seem to be any response on the forums. Which, as far as I can guess, is one of the big reasons why there's not been anything to replace the shard forums. Its not easy to justify putting something in when it's only ten people in a thread asking for it, even if we might just be the vocal part of a larger group with that wish.
This is an idea we've actually been talking about - getting time to do something with it has been the biggest challenge But yeah, we agree it'd be best if there's a way for you all to advertise the awesome going-ons you all have, but need to make sure it doesn't get buried or unused - that's the real challenge!Might take a bit, but it's definitely not forgotten or ignored.Cheers,
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