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Hey all,A couple updates on things heading out to PTS for Purifier. With this update I'm backing away from the bigger changes and moving things back towards a version closer to what the Purifier is on live.
  • Removed Flame Cascade.
  • New Ability: Fire Nova - Removes Burnout from up to 3 allies within 35m, healing and refreshing all active Wards. Instant cast. 30s cooldown. This ability is obtained by spending 61 points in the Purifier soul.
  • Removed Roaring Flames. Restored Ward of Fire to its current location on Live.
  • Absorb effects from Wards now stack. (This means you can have absorbs from each of the Wards on a target, but you still can only have a single stack of Ward of Fire at a time.)
  • Ward of Flame is now a 3 second channeled ability restoring health over 3s. Applies a stacking absorb shield effect each second. Lasts 10s. Max 3 stacks.
  • Feed the Flames now applies Feed the Flames to allies when they are affected by a Symbol buff, increasing healing received from Fire abilities by 10/20%.
  • Inflame now causes your Flame Lance and Fire Wall cause an additional 10/20% of their damage over 3s. Allows you to have an additional 1/ 2 Fire Walls active, but reduces the damage of Fire Wall by 10/20%.
The idea of having Burnout stacks on the caster is an interesting one. I'll give it some thought and see what sort of options there are in working with that sort of a mechanic.
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