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Hopefully no more skulls spawning in mid-air
That's the idea. It looks like sometime after that hunt was tested but before it got published, about a third of the skull locations were selected and dragged to a location 5000 meters offset from where they were supposed to be, leaving them unclickable and subsequently breaking the hunt on that server when one of those became active.
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Any word on whether the rainbow in Ashora is bugged or not (or if it even exists)? I feel like I'm going insane trying to find it.
This one is not broken so much as too few active locations (out of 19 possible locations). The minimum number of active locations has been increased, and over time, many more locations will become active if the currently active ones are not being used by players.Honestly, this one might not be tuned up enough yet. I had the team jump on making some of the new hunts more forgiving, but there was a small window to do so before data got locked today for Wednesday's hotfix. So I asked them to focus on fast tweaks or improvements for today. So no matter what - it'll be better than it is now. Might need some more improvement still.And yes, the rates of some of the phase 2 hunts objectives are also already being increased as well.
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