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Ah, yet another dumb-down .. er, sorry, 'streamline' .. because it was so hard for new players to have to go to two NPC locations?It made game sense for her to have it, the new giver isn't.
No, it is NOT a dumb down and it most certainly is NOT a streamline. It is a speed BUMP, deliberately so.Bottom line is that the Death Saga (and Water Saga to a lesser degree) are scripting wise fragile questlines badly tuned and prone to breakage. In the old flow, almost everyone playing Defiant and new to the game gets sent to Asha and grabs this quest line out of reflex. And for many players, new to the game, to get railroaded onto this often broken, often poorly tuned chain is a poor experience.I want to fix the Death Saga (and Water), but to do so will take a surprisingly large amount of time. Which left me with two options - remove it for now, or move it off the Asha and off the beaten path so that those that wanted to do the Saga could, but more casual players wouldn't just coast right onto the chain so easily. I opted for for option two, and had someone on the team make the change a week ago.Eventually, I want to not just fix, but improve the Sagas. I am trying to find where I carve a not insignificant amount of time out of the schedule to make this happen. And when I managed to make that happen, I will unbury the quest giver and get the Saga featured more prominently again.
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