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Customer Service, aka, the GMs(Game Masters) have always handled my tickets in a dis-attached manner and that's fine, I never expected them to be all lovey-dovey with me, but what happened this month was really poor customer service.I don't even know if the famous Daglar himself could even do anything to make this right. Does Trion even own their GMs? I get the feeling they are outsourced because their powers are soooo clearly defined that they can't bend to fix a blunder. Why do I say this? I say this because a GM dropped the ball on my ticket and refuses to make it right because too much time has passed (well now, since they didn't do it right the first time). It was a item misloot from Regulos, a particular trinket, which is a fairly rare drop from him (5%). A member of our guild took it to realize it didnt upgrade into something he could use. I was next in line to get it and he was very nice to put a ticket in to have it transferred to me. No problem right? Wrong, because it took a week to get back to him on something so simple. And what was the answer? They said that we should have a upgraded item by now(a week) and that they didn't want to do anything....and oh! here's some free credits! He found this particularly distressing and thinking there could be nothing else done, destroyed the item.I did not realize he destroyed it and put in a ticket myself, calling them out on the poor customer service of ignoring the previous ticket and dishing out a automated response. What did customer service say? "We can't do anything, unless the person who has the item makes the request." So I asked him to make another request. This time, someone actually read his ticket and refused it because the item is destroyed.I amended my previous ticket with this information and he just closed my ticket again saying he can do nothing. See the thing is, I don't care about the item anymore. This is about good customer service. Just because a game is free to play doesn't mean a company can give bad customer service. I'm sure everyone knows that Trion is still making money through the cash shop and subscriptions (I've been a paid subscriber since release). I understand their rules state that if a item no longer exists that they cannot transfer it to another player. However, if they hadn't dropped the ball on the first ticket by not reading it and just giving him free credits, the item still existed at that point.I hate complaining... But I have spent over 15 years in the customer service industry. Treating someone like this is a lazy response. It's a lack of responsibility as a company. Even if you outsource your customer service, even if a game is free to play, they are the face of your company. They are our first contacts when we have a problem. If we can't depend on them, can we depend on Trion as a whole?
Hi Krysanthe,I'm sorry you had a less than optimal experience. The customer service staff is part of Trion, and is all run out of our Austin office. I personally think they do one hell of a job. You are right, these folks are on the front lines - every day, every night, 24 hours a day.They have been absolutely crushed with tickets since the release of free to play launch, and they are striving to keep up.If you have been in customer service for 15 years, you will understand however that most agents must follow a core set of rules and policies set forth to deal with issues as they come in. Not everyone has the luxury of dealing with things to the customers satisfaction - as in some cases the customers satisfaction is outside of the policies that they must work within.This particular case sounds fairly out of the ordinary. So if you shoot me a PM with the ticket IDs regarding this, and the items in question, I'll see about getting it resolved next week when I'm in the office. It sounds like the agent in question did their best within the policies that are set forth and did offer some compensation in the form of credits.For the record, I still strongly believe that RIFT has one of the strongest customer service departments in the industry. Our team in Austin is absolutely amazing and I'm proud to be able to work with such talented individuals.Bill "Daglar" FisherCreative Director: RIFT
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