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I would rather see this thing up and running before promises of recompense are made. It has been almost 12 hours since the patch was supposed to have been taken care of and for almost the last 12 hours, many people are still waiting. I realize you guys are plugging and chugging along, and therefore what I'd would personally like to see is some sort of status update, and I figure others would as well. Even if it's "called I.T., yes we tried turning it off and on again," just something to give us an update as to where you guys are and what the possible....ETA is. Anyways keep it up hope you guys have it running soon.
We are not seeing any widespread issues this evening. I'm pinging out to the NOC again to see if there is anything strange afoot - but player counts in game and average latency reports all show good at the moment.~Daglar
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