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That's fine, so long as it isn't being used an excuse, such as "this was beyond our control." Because a lot of people are slinging that phrase around and claiming to know a lot about network and infrastructure planning. It's also being used in the in-game spam. I think we can agree that this is generally quite rare, but if it's a decision of Trion's that lead to susceptibility to issues like this, and that it's Trion's opinion that this is acceptable given the rarity of the scenario, then I'd appreciate transparency about this. I don't find it to be a huge deal, but not being transparent is, and shifting responsibility in general is sheepish.
I'm not using the phrase lightly, nor attempting to "shift blame" or not be culpable by any stretch of the imagination. I don't have a full After Action Report as of yet so I don't want to speak conclusively, but the bits and pieces point to multiple external points of failure cascading and causing additional connectivity issues. ~Daglar
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