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Kervik, if you release Inquisitor like that all you are going to see is a bunch of angry threads about how high the dps is. Those threads would be warranted.The primary thing to gut is our crit chance; 65% is too high for Inquisitor. I recommend a few changes which would not affect our amazing new rotation:1) Remove the 5% crit bonus from Armor of Awakening. Yes, this would deter hybrid builds but there are currently no viable ones anyway.2) Change Approbation to 5% crit instead of 10% crit.3) Slightly reduce Bolt of Retribution damageWith these changes you will tackle a few problems at once. Our crit rate will be in the 50s range instead of 60s, allowing for less disparity with live gear which has an ungodly amount of crit power. Our overall dps should also be lowered to an acceptable level (depending on how much BoR is nerfed).With these changes our overall rotation is also preserved, and we finally have more ways to min-max.
Anyone else have thoughts on this. I'm inclined to do something along these lines at the moment.
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