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No it isn't. If they wanted to stop gold farmers, they'd implement a chat filter at the very least.And lol@ the "you can unlock it for $5". Notice how the OP said to give EVERYONE the AH -- specifically the Free2Players. If you pay money, it defeats the purpose of being F2P.
Yes it is, and there's a chat filter - but there are humans spending 24 hours a day working to bypass them. But if you look, you'll see they've had to become quite crafty with how they display their messages, it's because our filter adapts.The more you report spammers, the better the filters will become, and the less spam everyone will receive - but until people stop actually being guillible enough to give them their information (see email SPAM for an idea of how that's NEVER going to happen) these shady shills will continue to spam.It's something we're working to combat & introduce more ways to reduce the impact they have - but it's an uphill battle, you're the key to helping us win the fight!Cheers,
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