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Hey all,Another update on things coming for Cabalist on PTS.
  • Dark Manifesto now also makes Curse of Discord cause enemies to take an additional 2/4/6/8/10% damage from your attacks.
  • Obliterate now causes the Cleric's Bound Fate to deal 200% damage, and Tyranny of Death and Disintegration to deal 250% damage, but only damage the targeted enemy.
I'm not sure when the next PTS update is at the moment, but whenever it happens these should be included.Regarding Well of Souls, I can't add an icon for this ability due to how it works. It drops the AOE at a location and never actually puts an effect on a target. Basically it sits at that location and pulses damage for the duration. This ends up meaning there isn't anywhere to add an icon that anyone would be able to see.
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