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The fact that Daglar is making an incredibly stupid argument in this thread and that Trion hasn't yet done anything about it makes it pretty clear that they're happily profiting from the P2W situation. Drop in a patch that doesn't actually improve the drop rate but claim that it does and encourage people to go grind content to sell, creating even more REX sales. Looks like Trion's official stance here is that P2W is acceptable.
OK Polystyrene, pull off the tinfoil hat. Drop in a patch claiming an increase and not do it? Come on - that is also quite a bit of a stretch. I'm looking at the release note here and its roughly a 4x increase of the incredibly small drop rate from Strongholds specifically. These things are rare - and will continue to be rare - but there is no lying involved to get people to buy REX in order to buy these. If we were going to be "evil" about what we do here, we'd be /way/ more evil. I don't think you have any idea of the type of evil that I could do from a monetization standpoint and I simply don't allow in RIFT - that I specifically did not allow into the RIFT Free to Play model. Having people actually enjoy the game and being willing to give us money is how we win in the long run. Trying to build an elaborate lie and system to monetize one of the smallest subsets of the community (Raiders) does not make business sense. I don't get up in front of the player base and lie. If I were willing to lie for money I would have gone into politics instead. ~Daglar
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