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Hey all,Wanted to give you a heads up on some more of the changes heading to PTS for Purifier.
  • Ward of Fire is being replaced with a new ability, currently named Roaring Flames. Roaring Flames is very much along the lines of the Tactician's torrents. Its a 3 second channeled ability which allows movement during the channel. It heals allies in front of you and damages enemies. For the version heading out to PTS the animation being used and possibly the VFX for it still need some work, but the general feel for the ability should be there.
  • Premonition is being replaced with a new ability, currently named Flame Cascade. Flame Cascade sends a flame wave in front of the caster, healing allies and dealing damage to enemies it hits. This is a 1.5s cast time and has a 20s cooldown. Currently this is a ground target ability, but before heading live it will be changed to fire the wave based on your facing at the time you cast the ability. The VFX are also slightly placeholder for it. I've stolen them from elsewhere in the game and they need some touch up. The size and the speed of the wave aren't currently totally set, so any feedback regarding that aspect once it hits PTS would be great.
To answer the question regarding the absorb stacking, there isn't anything visibly different once you have 3 symbols out on people. If you cast a 4th symbol, the oldest symbol will be removed. For example, if you cast Symbol of the Sun on person A, B, and C, and then cast it on person D as well, person A will lose their Symbol.Emblem of Ashes was removed to give you control over your 3 Symbol stacks. Its replacement isn't set in stone and can still change completely.
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