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I spent time on the PTS today trying to complete the scavenger hunts. I'll discuss the ones I could not finish, either because the quests are bugged or I'm doing them wrong. All other quests I completed.
Thank you for the taking the time to do so.
Skull Rain: The quest talks about using jump devices. The only ones I know are the leaps pads near Darkrun Wreckage. No skulls on the towers there though.Super Charged: I could not find any floating platforms in all of Steppes that worked.
Both these had significant issues and have been significantly reworked. Hopefully we can get an update to the PTS with these changes early next week.
Summerfest Camping: I found several abandoned camps (tents with and without fires) but the quest never completed.Chasing the Rainbow: I checked every piece of water in Ashora and never saw a chest. I also never saw any rainbow.Estranged Brew: This has quest markers all over the zone for the quest giver. I'm guessing maybe he moves around? Never found any booze but I didn't look too hard.
I will ask the relevant designers to double check these on Monday, if they have not already done so.
Danse Macabre: First shouldn't this be "Dance Macabre"? Also I did not find any dead dancing. I should note that the Morban quests I only tried for about 30 minutes before moving on.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danse_MacabreThere are five different possible spawn points for the dancers. I think I am also going to add more of a hint from the quest giver about where in Morban to look.
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