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In an effort to streamline the process of gaining PVP sets, and make it considerably more friendly to players who have changed factions, we'll be changing all of the level 60 PVP sets to upgradeable items.
  • The only change made to Set 6 gear (Mercenary's) is the addition of an upgrade path. Current token/credit prices remain the same as today.
  • Set 7 (Freelancer's) gear will remain on the store, but it will only have the credit prices. You'll purchase varying upgrade components to upgrade Mercenary gear to Freelancers.
  • Set 7 (Warlord's) will no longer be available on the stores. Additional upgrade components will be available to upgrade Freelancer's to Warlord's.
If nothing blows up this should be released next week. Patch Notes to keep an eye out for:
  • Mercenary gear can now be upgraded to Freelancer gear with Freelancer's Empowered Cell, Freelancer's Empowered Small Cell and Freelancer's Empowered Large Cell.
  • Freelancer gear can now be upgraded to Warlord's gear with Warlord's Empowered Cell, Warlord's Empowered Small Cell and Warlord's Empowered Large Cell.
  • Freelancer's gear can still be purchased outright with Credits, but are no longer available for in game currency (Use the upgrade components to upgrade Mercenary gear!)
  • Warlord's gear is no longer available on the store or from vendors in Tempest Bay (Use the upgrade components to upgrade to Freelancer gear!)
  • Upgrade components can be found on the Rift Store under PVP-->Upgrade Components.
  • The upgrade components obtained from Freelancer's Conquest Marks have been renamed "Freelancer's Conquest Cell" and "Freelancer's Conquest Small Cell"
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