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I am an old RPG fan and i have played pretty much every CRPG, ARPG and some MMORPG's that have been made since late 90's. Some for a quick play through and others for several years.I recently downloaded rift to give it a try. Considering some of the games released in the past few years i didn't have very high expectations but man was i surprised!This game is magnificent!!!So a BIG thank you to you guys and girls behind this game, i salute you and will do my best to support this game and it's community.And now here is my question, where can i purchase the game?I have the free client at the moment but i want to buy the game and it's expansion pack. I can't find anything in rift store.I would greatly appreciate if some one could point me to the right direction.
Only while supplies last - Some stores and online retailers still have stock of RIFT: Storm Legion. If you can obtain one of these boxes you'll get all the benefits of owning both RIFT & our first expansion (Bag slots, character slots, bank slots and the 4 Storm Legion souls)We no longer offer the expansion for sale directly though as the game is now Free-to-Play Thank you very much for the compliments, welcome to RIFT, good luck & have fun!
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