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Hi Kervik,Thanks for the update. Any word on how the change in soul gifts will impact the loss in % for dots and aoe in lock, dom and sc? Also, have you had any chance to consider some additional synergy for Primary Bolts (other than just Lingering Pain in lock and Improved Bolt in pyro)?Also, Improved Bolt together with Burning fury sort of compensates us crit-wise for the BF change, but it really only does so for Pimary Bolts. Any chance lock and dom/sc will see some dot and aoe specific crit buffs.And I'm fairly certain you don't want to comment on the recent abilities for the Arbiter soul that slipped out to magelo... but could you give us a hint about how the "pet" in that soul is going to behave or be controlled? or maybe put that on the agenda for a near future live stream?
From parsing being done with the latest changes on PTS, lock doesn't seem to be suffering from the soul gift change. Stormcaller has received some changes in the soul tree to compensate them and several Dom abilities have seen their base damage increased. Essentially from my view point, the souls aren't hurting too badly from change to the gifts.I'm still looking at ways to do interesting things with the new Primary Bolt category. At the moment I'm worried about adding to much more in with this pass and shaking things up again instead of working to settle things down. However, in the future I think they seem like something that could add some interesting interactions and fun gameplay. I think you'll see more for them down the road.And Arbiter...I'll probably have some info to offer up later this week. Things are still very early on it and a lot of testing is needed to see if the things that are there are even worth keeping. Even the name is just a working name and not necessarily what will make in the final soul.
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