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As for bug reports, it's probably been reported before, but it's still around so here goes.The buff from the archon crystal stays active if you change role (it does disappear if you change crystal). This bug was also around in the Hammerknell days, but was then fixed.
I'll take a look at this.
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Noticed something weird with Internalize Charge and Verse of JoyIf internalize charge goes beyond a certain amount of time while VoJ is active it automatically toggles off despite still having enough charge. This made me assume that IC has a maximum uptime duration of Xs once toggle is triggered and would automatically turn off once this period Xs is reached.Eg. Full charge bar. IC toggle until around 30% charge left. VoJ activated 15s duration. Charges hovers at around 30%. After set period of time, automatically toggles off despite having enough charge.
Have a fix on the way for this.
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Phase step still doesn't work on mobs from hunt rift when they are invul. They are invul to both the damage part and the tp part of the skill so you don't tp on them at all.
I'll take a look at this. I expect what's happening is similar to what Katosu said, but I'll double check and see if there is some way to clean things up a bit.
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