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NEW! Shard PrefixesThe colour-scheme for shard types has been updated to be clearer at first glance! Shard prefixes now have the following colours, colour-coded to [US PVE][EU PVE][US PVP][EU PVP][US RP][EU RP]Guild Recruitment ThreadsPosting a Guild Recruitment thread requires a shard prefix, so that other players know your home shard. This displays automatically once posted, so there's no need to include the shard in the text of your title. For example, if you choose Faeblight, your title will show like this in the forums:[Faeblight] < Kickin Rad Fake Guild Name > - Looking for more tanks!In the text of your post, you may want to include any combination following, to better attract prospective players:
  • General playstyle of your guild-- hardcore, casual, leveling, PVP, RP, etc.
  • Days of the week where your guild sees the most activity.
  • The general times your guild plays, including the time zone.
  • Any other details you think would be relevant for players wanting to join your guild!
Thread BumpingAll guilds are permitted one recruitment thread here in the Guild Recruitment forums. Duplicates may be removed. We do understand that all guilds want to keep their guild recruitment threads active and visible, but we do ask that you refrain from posting "bump" posts, please. Per our Code of Conduct, "bump" post are not allowed, and we will be removing them. The reason for this is that "bump" posts are considered spam since they do not add anything constructive or meaningful to the discussion. Bump posts are defined as posts that are created for the sole reason of bumping a thread, and do not actually contribute anything to the discussion. Here is the exact quote from the Code of Conduct about thread bumping.:
Please do not bump threads simply for the sake of bumping them. This is considered spam since it does not add to the discussion in a constructive or meaningful way. We understand that everyone wants to keep their discussion active and visible, but we encourage you to post meaningful and constructive content instead of “Bump!” posts.
You may, however, respond to your thread if it contains an update or pertinent information.This is your one chance to show everyone what your guild is about, so make it count! Instead of posting a "bump" post in your guild recruitment thread, here are some great ways to keep your thread active and visible:
  • Post about guild news and events.
  • Tell everyone about your recruitment efforts and updates.
  • Share some fun facts or history about your guild.
  • Have your members post testimonials about your guild.
  • Welcome new guild members or announce promotions.
  • Post about guild website updates.
  • Share anything else you can think of that someone searching for a guild might like to know about you.
Thanks for understanding and helping us make this community a great place to be, and we wish you all the best of luck with your new shards and guilds!
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