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Hey all, Have some more updates for you on things heading out to PTS.
  • Burning Fury - Trying out having this as a flat crit chance increase. 2/4/6%.
  • Conflux - Changing this to be a 10 second debuff that deals damage each time a Death based DoT is applied to the enemy. Still has a 45s cooldown. Dark Armor/Warlock Armor - These armors now also increase DoT damage by 5%.
Things on PTS are still largely in flux. I wanted to get these changes out to let you all see what was in the works before spending a ton of time getting all the numbers lined up. My main goal at the moment is to make sure some of the bigger changes are fun before I start locking them down to work more on numbers. However, parses are still valuable to help give an idea of what sort of specs you're trying out and what abilities are just way too low/high on damage and may need some help sooner rather than later. One thing I want to mention regarding the change to Burning Fury is you won't be seeing the crit from it spread back out throughout the tree. One of the goals of this change was to reduce the value of crit power for Mages. As much as it sucks, there is going to be at least some shift in gear values and stat weights.
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