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Hey! I played the trial and hit the cap where it told me to register my email, so I did. After which I played for a bit and decided to try another character; both these characters are ~Lvl20 now.Anyways, what I'm getting at is, I've found a digital edition of the CE online and activated it to my account. I now have the patron buffs and got the confetti after logging in, but... my loyalty is still at 250, and I only have 3 bag slots instead of the 5.What I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Bug? Or is the bag slots gain not retroactive to previously created characters? I feel like the loyalty being 250 still is a bug but am unsure.Thanks for the help! (: (Reposted/Edited from a comment I had made in a thread as I realized it was in the 'newcomers')
Bag slots is a known issue that is being looked at in this case.~Daglar
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