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Greetings! Last week we faced the tough decision to turn Akala & Icewatch into trial shards, requiring their players to relocate to other, active shards. While done for the greater good of all our European players, and to ensure we can properly scale with our growing community, we know that these shards are more than just server hardware.The memories & relationships you have are real, and we want to remember these communities with a few small tokens of our appreciation for all your contributions to RIFT’s success over the past two years. To that end, all former players of the Icewatch & Akala communities will receive the following within the next few weeks on all of their characters:
  • Title: “of Icewatch” or “of Akala”
  • Icewatch or Akala Regalia Wardrobe Set
  • +1000 Bonus Loyalty
Thank you to everyone for making this transition as quickly as possible. It’s great to see we now have queue times under control, individual server populations are looking very healthy, and more people than ever can now enjoy RIFT together! Cheers,
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