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OK here is my list sorry for the late reply I fell asleep but also comes with it is a Screenshot I took today from the character I did it with called Zou on Zaviel EU.
Awesome list! Thank you so much.So here is what I got from this:1) A quest that should have been at Warden's Point - "Point Taken" has been missing since the revamp due to a missing quest giver.2) A couple of quests on my own list were actually deprecated, but I missed updating my list.3) "A Haven for Those Defiant" should have counted as Freemarch but was incorrectly categorized as Meridian.4) "The Outlaw" is an Iron Tombs quest both wrongly categorized as Meridian AND bad bad data in it making it count for Freemarch (it shouldn't).Once all of the above is fixed, the net result is that there are 96 possible completeable quests that should count as Freemarch quests for the achievement. BUT - seven of those are basically tutorial quests, not really zone quests (use a porticulum, learning Ascended Planar powers, etc), and not counting those leaves me with 89. Now they WILL still count, but I am leaving them as a buffer. Freemarch is a lowlevel zone. I think there should be a buffer on the achievement.SO - I am also changing the number of quests needed for the achievement to 88 (our of 89 real zone quests), and leaving the 7 tutorial type quests associated with the zone as a buffer.These changes will NOT be in tomorrow's hotfix (that is already in the can), but will be in for next Wednesday's hotfix (or sooner if we do one sooner).Thanks again.
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