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and the low lvl quest really have not been changed?
Oh, they most certainly have, but not with any intention of diminishing the Ascended. Quite the opposite in fact. I always hated getting out of Terminus and feeling like I suddenly hit a wall of tutorial Talk quests, so I tried to get the player into action more quickly. I also revised the flow to put more emphasis on the primary story quests making the the other content more optional or off the beaten path. I did the Freemarch side of these changes, but a similar objective was in mind for the Silverwood changes as well. If you have specific things that you think have changed to diminished the Ascended in Freemarch, I would be wiling to go take a look.One thing that WAS diminished in Freemarch and Silverwood was the immediate emphasis on Port Scion and the factional conflict. The real threat is the Planes, and I wanted to get the players onto that right away. you can still talk to the NPCs in the first part of those zones and get their opinions on the other faction, but the quest flow doesn't push it anymore.
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