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I'm thankful for the new bag slots, and really annoyed that Trion decided to make them mandatory.1) Architect mobs dropping NON-STACKING consumables. Really moronic design decision. I've started refusing to even loot Architect corpses just because there's so much garbage. They should just given the NPCs a spell called "Fill Bags".I don't know what the dev was thinking. Actually, clearly they weren't thinking.2) Gathering turn-in with minimal reward.So there's two types of mining content, two skinning. You need ~20x, all of which have a relatively low drop rate. To top it off the quests don't reward rep. Again, just another waste of bag space.This is exactly the sort of garbage content that I was afraid would happen with free-to-play. Sure, you don't need the extra bag space, we're just going to make your life miserable if you don't have it.
Hi, you seem to be upset. Let me see if I can help.1) Architect mobs dropping NON-STACKING consumables. That is a bug.2) Gathering turn-in with minimal reward.That sounds silly. I'll have someone look at it.There is no magical plan to fill your bags up to make you buy more of them. If that was my evil plan there would be plenty more things dropping. We try not to be evil here - because, you know, trying not to gouge the community short term hopefully leads to long term success.~Daglar
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