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One question though: I am guessing that NONE of the Freemarch quests begin inside Meridian such as the Epic quest line story? Those don't count, correct?
I cannot say that none of those will count (but they shouldn't), since I have not done any comprehensive clean up of the various sagas. I am only counting quests that are a part of the official Freemarch content. There may be others set up at various points which are flagged as Freemarch but should not be. There are one of two quests from inside Meridian that send you on to the town of Lakeside, and those would count*: Faceless Man - Something Rotten in Lakeside *OR* Solana Dunesworn - There is Something About Lakeside *For which I must correct my earlier statement - 98 possible quests, not 99. The two above are mutually exclusive, serving the same purpose (to send you Lakeside). Another possible pair of quests to overlook are two given by Megin Rae somewhere between Eliam Fields and Iron Tomb.
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