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The precise method to opening up this puzzle is as follows:
  1. Purchase 8 Noisesome Spores from Ezrael in Seratos (you will need to collect 40 Mutant Spores as currency, which can be gathered in Seratos near Ezrael's location. He is just east from The Hollow).
  2. Take the Noisesome Spores to Omi in the Tempest Bay Canal (yes, she is underwater), and purchase The Queen's Gambit. It will have some pages missing.
  3. Complete the artifact set The Queen's Gambit. This will give you an item called The Missing Pages from The Queen's Gambit.
Obtaining these two items should complete the book, and thereby open up the portal to the puzzle.
Um... in the kindest possible way I venture to say that this method is not precise enough. You actually have it in the wrong order. All the puzzles in Storm Legion and now the Dendrome work the same way with respect to them being unlocked to attempt. You need to complete the collection and turn it in to one of the collectors in any of the three main cities first, this will give you missing pages of the relevant book. Only then will Omi 'fix' the book for you if you have the right payment. In this case Noisesome Spores. If you know how to get to her Omi's sister Nomi can help you with the first step.
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