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Hello. First of all my character is stuck on Icewatch in Tempest Bay. You chaps have removed all transports between the continents and everything which looks like an NPC in Tempest Bay. How am I supposed to get my warrior off the shard when theres items in the mailbox? Any tips would be appriciated. Also I bought the Storm Legion expansionpack before the game went F2P(at release). Do I really have to buy the 4 new souls from the cash-shop? This seems odd tbh. Any tips and answeres is appriciated. Thank you.
Shouldn't need to buy the souls again. There is a front end error where when creating a brand new character you can't select the presets for storm legion - but they are available in game. We are working on a fix for that. As for being stuck on Icewatch -- I'll get someone to pop over to TB and drop a mailbox. If you are currently a patron you can also summon a mailbox. ~Daglar
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