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Not to make anyone sad, but Stormcaller is going to be staying an AOE oriented soul for at least the foreseeable future.The base mechanics of it are not going to be changing too much. Really I'm looking at ways to improve its current form rather than redesign significant parts of the soul.Here are some of the changes I'm looking at currently for Stormcaller (remember not set in stone and can change even before hitting PTS):
  • Increased damage of Lightning Arc.
  • Pouring Rain now resets the cooldown on all Stormcaller abilities. Increased the cooldown to 2 minutes. Moved Pouring Rain to the 40 point root ability.
  • Electric Charge has been moved into the soul tree into Pouring Rainís previous location. It requires 35 points spent in Stormcaller to unlock.
  • Perfect Conditions now also reduces the global cooldown of Air and Water spells to 1.33/1.17/1 seconds and reduces the mana cost of instant Air and Water spells by 11/22/33%.
  • Tempest Armor no longer provides a global cooldown reduction to Water spells.
The whole GCD modification is still up in the air. Odds are it will make it out to PTS in some similar form, but it has a fairly high chance of getting changed or moved.
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