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Just wanted to update you on where things currently stand:
  • Any Torvan/Lycini Commendations you currently possess at the start of 2.3 will grant notoriety through Venerated. The change on PTS that made them cap at Glorified will be reverted. If you want a head-start on Venerated, buy these before 2.3 and hold onto them.
  • At the start of 2.3, Nerina Uluan will cease selling Commendations. Instead, she will offer a daily quest that exchanges 10 Marks of Notoriety for an auto-consume item that grants 1000 notoriety with one of the five Storm Legion factions. These grant notoriety through Venerated as well.
  • Notoriety-granting items for the new 2.3 factions will not be offered by Nerina until a later date. In the same manner as currency vouchers, wed like to evaluate the situation on Live for a period of time before we add more sources of notoriety.
I know many are not pleased with these changes, and I regret that our most dedicated players are often the ones who are impacted when these kinds of issues are addressed. However, reaching Venerated so soon (immediately in some cases) after 2.3 launches was a problem that needed fixing.
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