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So all Class Guides are in 1 List ?Thats sound like a really bad idea imo.Just makes it harder for Newcomers to get what they need, and a lot of this newcomers ( just like now with wayyy less ppl ) will post Questions and kinda "useless" guides there, make it even harder to find the real ones.or do you Plan on pushing the Guidewriter System to the next lvl, so not everyone can just post them ??
For now. I was going to make it a rule that people need to include what soul it's for in the title. [R] for Rogue, etc. No plans for Guidewriter System to be upgraded as of yet, as much as I'd love to do that. We do want to keep all questions out of the guide forums and feature excellent ones, but I will definitely keep that feedback in mind.
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That would be great! And since you would be at that.. Could we remove the "This is for in-character discussion only"-bit, since no one actually treats it as a forum-rp-forum (I presume by IC only they originally intended it to hold forum rp), but rather to talk about roleplay? Not that it seems to confuse anyone, it's just been a thorn in my eye for +2 years xD Alternatively make a sub-forum to the rp forum (if you can go that deep into forum-ception) which is IC so people can have their forum rp.. There just doesn't seem to be any interest in it at all.
Sure, no problem!
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OH! I simply must ask as well. .. Are you going to (finally) remove the shard forums for the shards that are long-gone (Trial/Offline)? And how about consolidating the shard specific guild recruitment forums into one for the PvE shards since the factions aren't split there anymore?Sorry, I get way too excited over forum structures.
All the shard forums are being gently moved to our new Archives subforum, and Guild Recruitment has been merged into one subforum.
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