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Also a question about synergy crystals. How do you anticipate synergy crystals working with the concept of primary bolts? For example, the warlock crystal buffs the base damage of void bolt when contaminate is active. Would this now work for all primary bolts? Or if I use the archon crystal, it buffs the base damage of granite salvo. Would this now work for all primary bolts?
Synergy crystals will still apply their bonuses to specific abilities. They're oriented at specific souls and really aren't meant to provide blanket bonuses beyond their spell power bonuses and such.I'm spending some time today looking at Stormcaller and throwing around a few ideas. In terms of Stormcaller, yes I know its not used much as a whole, how much do you all use Pouring Rain?I also discovered that my estimate of getting the changes to PTS early this week was a bit optimistic. I'm looking at getting the data to the server on Thursday at the moment and having it go out with Friday's update. I'll update again if anything changes with that plan.
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