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Hey all, I thought I'd drop some additional teasers on things that are in the works on this pass. There's still no ETA on when they'll be out on PTS but I'll let you know when things begin to move that way. Remember, none of these are set in stone and still have a good chance of changing further before they reach Live servers or even PTS. As a first pass, the soul gift (the bonus for spending points in a given soul) for Warlock, Stormcaller, and Dominator is being changed to 1% damage increase per point in soul. Elementalist and Necromancer are being changed to 1% damage and 3% pet damage per point. While this does simplify things more it should hopefully remove some of the deterrent for branching out into these souls. Fireball, Void Bolt, Crystalline Missiles, Plague Bolt, Cloudburst, Vile Spores, Pillaging Stone, Granite Salvo, Neural Prod and Malevolent Bolt have all been classified as Primary Bolt abilities. This becomes more relevant with the following other changes, along with some others that are still under consideration:
  • Improved Fireball has been renamed Improved Bolt and now affects all Primary Bolt abilities instead of only Fireball.
  • Lingering Pain now gives Primary Bolt abilities a chance to refresh Life Leech instead of only Void Bolt.
Keep the ideas and suggestions coming as well. I'm working to address as many of them as possible, where appropriate with these changes.
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