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Pretty much the simplest thing to make an enormous difference for PvP is this: RE-ENABLE OPEN WORLD PVP DAILYS! I don't really have much of an idea of the effort required, but I am willing to bet that it could be done in two days tops. It would be the biggest PvP content release since 1.8-1.9.
So yea, this would take roughly a week to two weeks to author and make function, then testing time, and reward time on top of that. It isn't an unreasonable request - just not something that can get worked on today. Now the downside - PvP is more balanced with bolstering in mind - which is only available in Warfronts. World PvP is a really problematic issue - there is no balance, it is the wild west. While on the surface world PvP appeals to a lot of people, typically it dies off -- we've seen that die off over time -- long before we introduced cross server functionality which some called the deathknell of RIFT's PvP servers. Ganking and guild fights are fun for a while, and then once one side gets dominant, everyone picks up and leaves. I've been part of alliances in games that have literally killed entire servers and made lots of people in those games unsub. To be really blunt, we just don't have a good ruleset for open world PvP in RIFT - it is not our strength. Without making an entirely different game, I think we'd have a real hard time making a good ruleset for PvP within the confines of what is RIFT (and doesn't add specific requirements/values for people not on PvP servers to move there). You can't have instances, you can't have safe areas - you need a big wild west sandbox to play in -- and even then it really depends on the balance of power being hyper-dynamic to keep the community engaged instead of quitting. I hope to never again make an MMO with a two faction system That's not to say we won't try to improve things - but it's going to be a real challenge folks. ~Daglar
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