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Ok, I misspoke previously (I was at home on cold meds with turned out to be pneumonia - FUN!). This task was not done yet, and pushed off of the 2.3 schedule for time constraints. Because I promised it WAS done in my NyQuil-addled state, i took it upon myself to make good.
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Oh, good. Glad I haven't thrown them away yet.
Unfortunately, I went with a safe, boring replacement, HoT when hit in combat. The reasons - people that threw away an apparently useless but not replaceable trinket should not be punished by it suddenly becoming cool. Also, I couldn't tailor it to any classes since it was a one-size fit all reward originally. So if you are underwhelmed, blame me, not york. :P People had all sorts of cool suggestions for FUN things to do instead, but I shot them down for the reasons above. That said, people here seem to want to do more fun, non-stab, things with trinkets so maybe you will see some of that in the future. But no more NyQuil-fueled promises!
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