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This is completely true, but there have been so many times where the hardcore section of your playerbase has been, well, screwed. I understand that not everyone will be happy, but there have been cases where parts of the playerbase, most notably the PvP community and hardcore raiding community, have been either completely ignored or treated with mockery and sarcasm. Serious issues for parts of the game deserve serious responses, not memes and sarcastic remarks that get likes from people who spam refresh the Dev Tracker section of the forum.
With all due respect Mei - I take this game more seriously than anyone else probably, you see, its not just a game, but my livelihood and the livelihood of a lot of other people I work with.I've explained time and time again about my communication style on the forums. I'm sorry that you view my interaction as some sort of snark at various parts of the community - I've communicated on numerous occasions that its not attacks on the players - but text is what it is. The other option is, I say nothing at all, and I'd rather say something than say nothing in most cases.As for ignoring the community - I'm sure it seems that way from the outside to you, but it does not work that way at all. We do our content in cycles and we do our content based on demand and what we feel needs to be in the game. If I were to approach this from a bean counter approach there would not even be raiding in RIFT - but I'm not a bean counter, that path leads to failure.I know raiders are upset about open testing. I'm not going to engage in a debate about it on the forums. Because I am the one that has to make the right decision for RIFT. As much as I like to take feedback from the community and incorporate it into what we do - it isn't always viable to do what the community asks.I also know that PvP players want more content. They want new warfronts, some want more content to bolster open world PvP, others even want another Conquest (Though some of you will call those people not PvPers!). Some folks want Arena - and I've answered that one plenty of times - though I have not really bothered to wax philosophical on it. More content is on the list - its always been on the list. As talented as the team is, they can't make everything at the same time.Once again, if you are offended at my manner of interaction, please try to see it in the proper light instead of with the dark cloud approach. I will continue to interact with the community in the manner that I do, or not at all.~Daglar
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