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Also there are a couple of minor bugs as well.1. With larger Blur and Strength the glow effect can move outside of a parent frame. You can see this on the left side of the A2 .The second one is if a letter is cut off by the edge of the text frame it will not receive the glow effect at all. That is supposed to be a b on the right side.
I suspect #1 isn't going to be fixed for quite a while, if ever - the frame bounds are kind of informal, to be honest, and I have a feature in the works that pretty much ignores frame dimensions. If you really need that kind of cropping I'd recommend putting it inside a Mask.#2 may be more fixable, but it'll be pretty low-priority, honestly. Again, making the textfield wider and putting it inside a Mask may be the best option available. That said, if this turns out to be a recurring problem, it may be reprioritized, so let me know how much of a problem this is really turning out to be.
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