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Would be a welcome change, but with F2P, I would think that many items like this will be moved from a car back seat to a bus back seat. And for PVP issues, will go from a bus back seat to a train caboose. Trion resources and priority will dramatically shift to putting new items on the store to get your cabbage. On top of that if people complain that something hasn't been fixed in month/syears, they have the best and expected response lined up for it.. "Hey, the game is free, what are you complaining about? You don't like it, can always leave."
This is ornery Daglar for a moment.I am actually, pretty sick of seeing this response from folks. Priorities are harder to manage than I can ever possibly let you know. An MMO is a living breathing beast, it bites, it breathes god damn fire. People are never happy with what you provide - and that is OK - you cannot please everyone all the time.We work really hard here to provide the best experience we can for the community, and we are very strong in the belief that the only way that free to play works is by providing the best game - not the one with the most items on the store, not the one with the "trickiest monetization" to fool people into spending.The myth that the entire focus of the game will turn to putting items on the store is absolutely absurd. I'll share a little secret, game designers that make dungeons or raids, typically don't do 3D art, 3D artists don't typically do scripting, engineers don't typically make items, systems designers don't typically do rigging. There is a team here that works to make the product - its made up of all kinds of people and it's not like we could push everyone into making new store items even if we wanted to - which we don't.Yep, we need to make money. No secret there folks, no cards hidden up the sleeves. If you think the game is worth it, come spend some money with us. Support us. If you think its trash, let us know. Though I always find it a bit disingenuous when folks say the game is absolute trash and keep on playing, for years on end.If you feel that the part of the game you enjoy isn't supported enough, feel free to let us know. No issues with that - never has been. Just remember, we are out here, wrestling the beast and trying to make sure that no one gets burned.We have to keep content coming. We have to keep the game fresh for as many users as we possibly can. If we fail to do that, then this entire conversion is not worth doing and we might as well all go home.Bill "Daglar" FisherCreative Director: RIFT
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