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I wouldn't have an issue with this if the item actually worked. Even on PTS where it arguably doesn't matter yanks my chain.I wish the transition for subscribers was more seamless, but on the other hand if veterans never see it they can't clue in free players.So glad I don't work at Trion and hope their health plan is covering all the ulcers and migraines 2.3 is probably giving the team.
I've been working on being more stress free in my life. Deep breaths help a lot.I know this stuff is controversial folks -- just to clarify this isn't some attempt to cash grab at folks. We have to do something to curb spammers and folks that want to do very bad things with accounts.It may be a fools errand, and I may change it - but I assure you its there for a good reason not an evil reason.~Daglar
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