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Why don't just verify if they spend a certain amount of money in the shop OR for subscription? (it should be easy with the loyalty system...) There is no difference for Trion if our friends buy 15 of credits or if they took one month of subscription, but with the Ascend-a-friend like today it will be very difficult for us to get rewards, because in the Rift's F2P system, it will be more easy to convince our friends to buy credits than to take one month subscription... I hope you will make this little change, it should be more in line with the F2P system.
We'll likely eventually give more ways to earn credit towards Ascend-a-Friend rewards, however, we could only get so much done in time for the release of Free-to-Play next week Some things will just have to wait - but if our history serves as any guide you should know we fully intend to continue iterating on this & any new feature we add! Cheers,
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