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PTS changelog: NEW FEATURES: * Added Text:SetEffect*() and Text:GetEffect*(). These let you apply special effects to text, such as blurs, glows, and shadows. * Added Inspect.Role.List(). This lets you list the role names that the player has. Eventually, Inspect.Role.Detail() will join this, but that hasn't happened yet. You can find out which role the player *currently* uses with Inspect.TEMPORARY.Role(). Note that their ID schemas are off-by-one compared to each other. BREAKING CHANGES: * Layout:EventAttach() and Layout:EventDetach() will no longer accept macros. Use Layout:EventMacroSet() instead, with Layout:EventMacroGet() to retrieve the current macro. SORT OF BREAKING CHANGES: * Fix a bug where IDs of guild bank items could sometimes be accessed when not looking at the guild bank. Hopefully this does not break people's addons, but it shouldn't have been possible in the first place DIFF:
 Inspectors: 	Inspect.Role.List   UI: 	Text: Inherits from Frame 		Members: 			GetEffectBlur 			GetEffectGlow 			SetEffectBlur 			SetEffectGlow  Parameter types: 	role
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