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Took that survey and it's asking all of the wrong questions, just like their other recent survey that only looked at the "Competitiveness" of Rift's PVE, rather than focusing on if folks found the game "Fun" or "Enjoyable". They talk about the subscription option during the survey, yet ask a vague "how likely are you to recommend Rift?". I'm very likely to recommend since it's free. But I have 0 out of 10 going to recommend a subscription.
That vague question you're referring to is the Net Promoter Score. It's not connected to the other questions in the survey: Considering your complete experience with Trion Worlds, how likely would you be to recommend RIFT to a friend or colleague? We ask the question because we have asked it before and can compare/contrast the results. There is a methodology to our madness, from game design to even silly stuff like marketing (and market research). As Daglar mentioned, we're listening to you--and will continue to do so. We've made improvements to subscriptions based on your feedback through the survey, the Community, and other sources. This is the start of the F2P quest chain; not the final turn-in. Thanks for all your passion that makes us work harder to make RIFT even better.
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