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Time for someone to start a thread for shop item ideas so I will do it right now. The biggest obvious item that is missing from the shop is a +1 Character Slot item. Since F2P people will be limited to only having 2 characters, this should be a no brainer to have. The idea item I would LOVE to see at some point is a temporary portable Porticulum, much like the Brevanic Portal Generator. Have different length options at different price points. 3 day, 5 day, 7 day...1 month. Please, add your ideas/requests for items for the shop in your replies and lets make it easier for them to see what it is their players want by having as much as possible in one thread.
Funny you should mention this. I just received support from the engineers to add an item that increases total character slots and support for another item that resets the cooldown on the Brevanic Portal Generator. I'll be putting the generator up as an individual purchase on the store, and folks can still upgrade via the website to receive it for all characters. ~Daglar
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