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So there are a few questions that I, my guild, and I'm sure many other people have on their minds and haven't been answered yet.1) We all know that the current raid mark gear is not going to be on the Cash Shop because Trion will never sell the top raid gear, but when 2.3/2.4 goes live will the gear hit the shop immediately? Will there be a 2 or so week wait period before it hits the shop? It is a question we have had on our minds forever and have no answers to.
Today's top raid gear will not be available when 2.3 goes live. The rest of this question is for someone like Daglar to answer, not I.
2) Credits and Loyalty. Spending credits on the shop/buying credits earns your loyalty, correct? If that's the case then how much loyalty is 1 credit per loyalty? I'm sure it's not a 1:1 ratio since the final tier is over a million, unless you expect people to pay over one million....
In general, you'll find buying a credit pack awards you with 2 loyalty per credit. A REX item, for instance, grants 1,250 credits and 2,500 loyalty when consumed. Spending those credits generally also awards you with 2 loyalty per credit spent. So if I spend all the credits from that REX item, I'll end up with a grand total of 5,000 loyalty. REX, are, of course, the least efficient way of obtaining credits (and therefore loyalty) so buying credit packs will get you to higher tiers even faster. Combined with the initial loyalty and credit grants all past subscribers will be receiving, and the credit grant all Storm Chaser edition purchasers will be receiving, you may find your loyalty rising faster than you expect through the lower tiers.Don't expect to complete the highest tiers soon though, if ever! While the bonuses there are nice, they are nothing you are required to have. They truly are meant to be fully optional bonuses, available to our most loyal players.
3) I'll ask just because I know people keep getting mixed answers even though you've been saying it over and over... Arena in RIft? I remember two weeks Daglar saying that there are no plans for arena in rift, there are no future plans for arena in rift and there will never be plans for arena in rift. This week however Daglar said it's possible sometime down the line. So what's the scoop? Are we getting it or not? If we ask enough, perhaps...?I know you have data that says it's not worth the development time or not as many people play it as we've seen from other MMOs, but I'm also pretty sure I heard someone say during stream that sometimes you need to not follow the trends.
Nothing is impossible, but there is no engineering work related to arenas that is in progress, or even in planning, that I am aware of. While it could happen, from what we've learned it is a small but vocal minority that is interested in this feature, and as such you should not expect it in Rift any time soon. Sorry to disappoint you.
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