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Are optimizations coming soon??? the biggest downfall of this game is that it is so CPU heavy and it feel very clunky at times and honestly the greatest thing this game could use is smoothness...I would love to hear you are working on the optimization issues. Please guys answer this!!!!!
It's being worked on, but some of the bigger changes are not going to be at the release of 2.3 - some of the changes are drastic and both DeadSimon and I are unwilling to create additional risk around one of the most important releases in RIFT history.
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Don't you think working on all of these cosmetic timesinks is impairing the raid and dungeon development? Apparently making a longer message works to grab attention- Playing favorites isn't an issue anymore, since your contact with the raiding community has been minimalized. Lets be fair and actually have content for your players, rather than fluff.
No, working on these other features is not taking away from raiding. These resources would not be put towards raiding. I love raiding, and its an important part of RIFT - but we won't be putting all of our resources towards it ever. We are not "raid online" - we are RIFT and we have all kinds of content that tons of people enjoy.More 20 man raid content is coming out with 2.4.
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Why is update 2.3 on a Friday instead of a Wed/Thu? Will US and EU get the update at the same time?
2.3 is on the 12th -- unless someone posted the wrong numbers somewhere. This is a major update, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to take all the servers down at the same time. That may mean for Europe it is in prime time.~Daglar
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