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On a related topic, frame manipulation eats a lot of cycles too. Maybe some frame operations could be given an option to be deferred in certain conditions. For example, if you have a Texture frame whose size has been fully defined (by setting two unaligned points, or just the size) a SetTexture wouldn't need to block execution to load the image, as it wouldn't change any frame position/size. Then, the content could be loaded on a separate thread, or when the CPU gets idle, and shown later. Same with Text frames.
For Texture, I completely agree, and I've wanted to set up a background-loading system for it for a while. Someone wrote a library that kind of accomplishes that goal, although it's not 100% (and really can't be until there's API support). Text frames are unfortunately nightmarishly hard to accomplish that with. Probably won't be happening there.
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Will PvP ever get any love from the addon API? Being able to access accolades, warfront scores, and so forth?
Yes! I don't have an ETA for you, though. Sorry
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I've found another RIFT crash bug :P
/script os.date("%")
Sigh. Thanks for the report, we'll get that fixed
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