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Hey all, There seems to be a little confusion regarding the list of changes I put up. That was not a comprehensive list of every change that's in the works. I'll list more as things get closer to going out to PTS. The suggestions are good though. At the very least I'll read all of them, so keep them coming. As a heads up, the Pyromancer's Burning Fury is on the chopping block with this round of changes. At the moment it has become so much of a practically mandatory part of multiple builds that it discourages any build that doesn't have it. Its probably a bit too powerful for where it is in the soul tree and causes crit power to be disproportionately desirable. I don't have any leading candidates for what it will be changed to at the moment, but something is coming for it. This is something that may go through several iterations on PTS before it would go to live. I'll make sure you all have plenty of time to test any changes and give feedback before they move to live servers.
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Could we add Archon -- Archon's Bulwark now increases Endurance by X to the list? It (still) seems alittle trivial to me that it covers every self-buff for archon except Searing Vitality.
Yep, I'll finally get that added to the buff. As you might expect this will mean Searing Vitality will no longer stack with Archon's Bulwark once the change goes in.
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